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The Future Normal is a book project from Henry Coutinho-Mason (TrendWatching) and Rohit Bhargava (Non-Obvious Trends). 

What’s the deal? Every week, we’ll explore a provocative question. We’ll highlight pioneering startups and new initiatives from big incumbents. Many will appear niche or fantastical today, but we’ll explain why they are worth watching, how they will reshape expectations, and how they will be central to The Future Normal. 

Crucially, this isn’t just indulgent future-gazing: every edition will bring you practical implications and actionable opportunities that you can run with, today.

Strap in. This newsletter has a relentlessly positive outlook. You’ve had more than enough sh*t news recently. Instead, we’re unashamedly celebrating the ideas and people making our world greener, safer, fairer and more harmonious. We'll leave the fear-mongering to others, thanks.

This is where the book is being written, in public. Our not-so-secret masterplan? To build a community of passionate instigators (you!) in order to channel your contributions and inspire 1,000s of positive Future Normal initiatives, globally!